Puppy Insurance

Love your dog but you don’t know where to start with puppy insurance. The last thing you want to do when he is sick or needs emergency veterinary care is worry about whether or not you can afford the recommended treatment. Unfortunately, like people, some dogs end up needing expensive vet care and the bills can easily add up over the years. This is where pet insurance comes in.
Pet insurance is designed to help you cover expensive pet bills if your dog becomes ill or has an accident. Like other forms of insurance, you pay a monthly or annual premium. In return, should you need to make a claim, the insurance company covers a portion of your veterinary bills. How much it covers will depend on the type of coverage and the company you choose to do business with.
There are several different companies that offer pet insurance. Because coverage and prices can vary widely, it is important to do your research and thoroughly read all the fine print before choosing an insurance plan. Things to consider include what type of dog you have and what genetic or congenital problems it may be prone to. Some plans exclude certain breeds or charge a higher premium for them and others limit coverage for genetic health issues like heart problems, which can be very expensive. You’ll also want to consider how much the deductible is and if it is based on annual claims or per incident.
One of the nicest things about pet insurance is that it is relatively affordable. Basic plans can start at as little as $10/month for a dog or cat. The lower priced plans tend to cover far less and have higher deductibles. For example, the $10/month plan for a dog at Company A covers injuries that are the result of an accident only. It does not cover diseases or illnesses, excludes cruciate ligament tears within the first year of coverage, only covers up to a certain amount depending on the injury and the maximum payable for a single injury is less than $2000, and there is an annual maximum of $14000 in claims. This plan may also cost more depending on your breed of dog and which state you live in. So, as you can see there are a lot of limitations despite the low cost of this particular plan.

A high end insurance plan with comprehensive coverage can be $25+ per month depending on the type of dog you have and where you live.