Golden Retriever Breeder

holding golden puppySo, you have done the research and decided that the golden retriever is the right kind of dog for you. You have wisely decided to bypass the poor quality goldens available at many pet stores and go with a reputable breeder. But, how do you find one? With golden retrievers being one of the countries favorite dogs, there are bound to be more then a few shady breeders out there that are in it for the love of the money and not the love of the breed. Finding a knowledgeable breeder with high-quality dogs can be challenging. But, being able to live the next 15 years of your life with a dog with a healthy personality and body is worth the effort.

The best way to find a quality golden retriever is to become an educated buyer. Learn all that you can about the breed especially when it comes to its health and its temperament. Although goldens are a great breed of dog, that does not mean that they are free of problems. Many goldens have health problems like bad hips known as hip dysplasia resulting from bad breeding. When you are looking to buy a golden puppy, it is of the utmost importance to find a breeder that has had the parents of the puppy checked by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for signs of this disease. This is an X-ray-based diagnostic protocol that a reputable breeder is aware of. There should be no excuses as to why a breeding pair would not be checked regardless of what a shady breeder might say. A reputable breeder would be willing to show you any of the papers to verify that their dogs are in good health. Other health concerns for golden retrievers include cataracts. A breeding pair should also be checked to ensure they are not passing along the genes that cause this kind of hardship for the dog later on in life.


Typically a reputable breeder loves to talk about their breed of dog. They would not mind discussing their breeding pair with you or what sort of competitions or ribbons they have won. They will not shy away from allowing you to spend time with their breeding pair to get a feel for the personality traits that your puppy will inherit. A key to understanding if you have found a quality breeder is to find out what they are looking for as far as a home for the puppies they have for sale. If their top priority is to find their puppies a good loving home, you know that you have found a good breeder. They should also be willing to take the puppy back without a reimbursement if for some reason you can no longer take care of your puppy.

Finding a good golden retriever breeder is not as hard as it seems. By putting the work into finding a proper breeder, you can ensure that the puppy you buy will be a life long and faithful companion.