Golden Retriever Pups

It is easy to see how anyone could fall in love with the cute, furry face of a golden retriever puppy.  They are always so playful and willing to cuddle which are the main traits that new dog owners are looking for in a puppy.  But, with a life expectancy of up to fourteen years, adopting a golden retriever puppy is a life long commitment and should not be an impulse decision.  Popular breeds like goldens can be easily found in many pet stores around your area.  But, what some consumers do not understand is that many of the dogs sold at pet stores come from puppy mills.  I have heard many people claim that if that were the case then they have saved their dog.  Unfortunately the people who own these puppy mills do not see it like that.  They see the money that came in for that dog and it gives them the opportunity to breed their pair again.  Typically the dogs used for breeding at puppy mills are over bred, in poor health and spend their lives in a cage.

Another disadvantage to buying a puppy from a pet store is that you are not able to see the parents of the puppy you are purchasing.  The traits of the parents are passed down to their puppies.  A puppy from a calm, friendly dog will most likely be a calm, friendly adult as well.  An aggressive dog will most likely produce an aggressive heir when they reach their adult years.  Typically, private breeders love their breed and consider themselves experts.  They can also offer their clients a ton of resources before and after they have made their purchase.

Golden retriever puppies are typical to their breed standards.  They are intelligent and energetic.  They can easily be trained with positive reinforcement and by rewarding them with their love of food.  But, golden puppies also love to chew so, you had better offer them their own chew toys or you will find you favorite pair of shoes is one mate short or your chair suddenly only has three legs.  Golden retriever puppies should also be kept busy.  Their highly intelligent nature can cause them to become bored.  Left to fill their own time without activity, these dogs might choose to turn their boredom into frustration and destruction.

On the bright side, goldens love human companionship, kids and other pets.  They are an ideal dog for a family.  They also make perfect guide dogs, search and rescue dogs and other types of service dogs.  They love to play fetch in the yard or go on long walks.  Their highly energetic nature allows them to be the perfect jogging, hiking or hunting partner.  Placing your golden puppy into an obedience class will prove to be a wise choice for any dog owner.  They are extremely willing to please their owners but can sometimes need the direction in order to do so.  If you are considering purchasing a golden retriever puppy, make sure that you find the right breeder in your area.  You can contact the American Kennel Club to find a golden retriever breeder near you.