White Golden Retriever

For the average dog lover, golden retrievers can range from a light creamy color to a dark almost red or mahogany color.  For those within the golden retriever committee, they understand the differences that come with the color of the golden and with goldens are specific to Europe and America.

White golden retrievers are referred to with a large variety of names including English cream golden retrievers, English golden retrievers, European golden retrievers, blond golden retrievers, British cream golden retrievers, white goldens,  platinum blond goldens or light golden retrievers.  These names are primarily used in America to differentiate between the Kennel Club Standard for British golden retrievers and those that were bred in America.  Although purebred white golden retrievers can be registered with the American Kennel Club, there are a lot of differences between American and European golden retrievers.  The obvious biggest difference is the color of their coats.  American golden retriever standards call for a golden color of various shades.  Both extremely pale or an extremely dark color is undesirable while the European standard calls for any shade of gold or cream but neither red nor mahogany.

The consistency of the coat themselves differ from the American golden retrievers to the white European golden retrievers.  Early goldens were specifically bred to be hunting dogs.  They were expected to be able to withstand cold climates, run through underbrush and make their way across lakes and rivers.  Goldens coats should be dense but not too long and not too short.  American goldens tend to have longer fur and many of them have too much coat.  American and European golden differences also are apparent in their body structure.  White golden retrievers tend to have a larger mouth with a longer nose then their American cousins.  They are also stockier in body structure with heads that are more block shaped.  The American Kennel Club allows for lighter amber colored eyes compared to the European Kennel Club where such a feature would be penalized.  Their ears are different as well.  The American Kennel Club wants their goldens to have ears well behind and above the level of the dog’s eyes while the European Kennel Club wants the ears at same level of the eyes.  This also causes two very different looks between these two standards.

White golden retrievers present qualities which are in great demand by pet owners and dog lovers.  They are laid back, happy, intelligent, and love all humans.  They are energetic, great with kids and other pets and are willing and eager to please their owners.  With the different amount of names given to white golden retrievers, it shows a huge interest in the dogs in the United States.  The number of white golden retrievers in America has been growing steadily in the past years.  Even though they would not stand to win in any of the American Kennel Club shows, the white golden retriever has entered the lives of the people here and has won over their hearts with their cheery disposition and their love for all people.